Whitsun 2022 Whit Monday

Excerpt from the Internet:

Presence of the Spirit

From the church of Sankt Hedwig in Bonn.

The Pentecost service from St Hedwig's Church in Bonn is co-organised by young people from the parish who received their confirmation a few days earlier.

Guests from Bosnia speak the intercessions.

Parish vicar Markus Hoeyng connects the statements of the confirmands with the Pentecost event told in the reading.

Using the example of the young people, he wants to show how God's spirit still works today.

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck

To St Hedwig Parish Office

Parish Vicar Markus H.

Mackestraße 43

53119 Bonn

Luebeck, Whitsun, 5 June 2022

Singing can go round!

Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Dear Parish Vicar Marcus H., Dear Clergy, Dear Readers, 

First of all, I too would like to thank you for the colourful televised service at St Hedwig's Parish. There was certainly a lot of effort and stage fright for this mass celebration by the parishioners and by you, Parish Vicar H. so that this live transmission could also go smoothly. 

Also, a good portion of courage is always necessary, which speaks especially for the young confirmands, to move in front of an audience of millions and to represent a point of view, which is also not a matter of course.

But if my person notices something important in a Roman Catholic community for a possible future, then as a Roman Catholic I should also be able to name and justify it clearly and publicly.

The first thing that naturally belongs as a focal point in a church is the Cross of Christ, which in St Hedwig's Church was made entirely of metal on two steel cables, hung above the altar area and was intended to have an effect through the sunlit background of the specially shaped coloured window wall, since the metal cross was made with colourless glass balls, but the crucifix is tiny and "nailed in" so that it can hardly be recognised by the church visitor.

The second thing that naturally belongs in a church or place of worship are kneeling benches, which at least were not used in the live broadcast, should they even be present in the Sankt Hedwig Church in Bonn.

But what gives the church a warm aura, in contrast to the cross, is the high ceiling constructed of wooden planks or wood, and it is of course the wooden benches of the church and a lot more that was made of wood. 

What was strikingly beautiful was the altar decoration by the flower arrangement, which was connected with a kind of bridal veil to the flower arrangement placed on the floor in front of the altar. The colourful little crosses on the altar candles and the parish vicar's robe, which was red for Whitsun, also stood out.

The description of a church becomes important when something very essential is no longer coherent or something very essential is no longer right, what is the result of the cases of abuse and the church resignations and must be made clear in the church, in that also through the sexual revolution of the sixties, as assumed by Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus, the homosexuality of humanity has increased in a living way.

Thus one can clearly recognise and make out in humanity that something essential is reorienting or regenerating itself anew, but also that the old will pass away and something new will come, which was also indicated by the youthful confirmands as a hopeful turning point in world history.

But not only the visual description of a church, but also the "caring" way a pastor deals with the congregation and the careful "preaching" to the congregation say a lot about the actual state of a congregation and the pastor.

And now my person would like to come to the specific point of this letter, as much else has already been put in writing for all to see and published on the Internet.

These are the church songs performed today by the young people, which cannot come close in sound to the songs and the melodies by the unique composers of that time, as was clearly evident again today by songs of the sixties, for example.

However, the young people were in their element and could identify with the partly old lyrics but new melodies, which however sounded more like composition and song cut together and many of the parishioners could not really sing along loudly and joyfully. 

Also, a performance of a "church song" was almost to be interpreted as a hit song, which sounded really good, but was out of place, but does not have to mean that one wants to restrict or scare away young people's identity as an active Christian and the joy of music and singing, but that means that every pastor or parish worker must stop approaching young people with psychology in order to want to bind them to the church and to God! 

Of course, one does not have to lash out like a bull in a china shop, but there is one thing that a pastor or every clergyman must really refrain from in the future and that is the use of psychology, which always pursues a goal through a trained alleged superiority, which can also be well-intentioned.  

This "felt" and promising superiority of the user can always be recognised or seen through by his counterpart and thus the relationship to a church representative or even to God is built up psychologically or more precisely, the relationship to God becomes artificial or artful, but not genuine and honest and only this makes up the Holy Spirit!

It is quite simply right and important for all people of all social classes of church members that the most beautiful possible church and the most beautiful possible church songs highlight the Sunday service, because beauty is part of life.

Singing beautiful sounding and well-known hymns is also very healthy for a person, which is still possible for every Christian worldwide every Sunday in a church and hopefully will not be abolished by the change of time, which was also clearly recognised today by the congregation through the television service accompanied by the organ music with the last old well-known hymn, which is called: "The Spirit of the Lord fills the universe".

In difficult times, psychology can be important in the short term, but it cannot provide a real remedy for the problems, on the contrary, it can create new problems in the long term, because a suppression of reality can become part of everyday life, which already affects and is practised by the great mass of humanity.

Thus, it should not go unmentioned that the works of art carved out of wood, which in St Hedwig's Church  were presented today via a TV church service and which tell of displaced persons or children who drowned during their flight, make the reality clear and, quite incidentally, the causer was represented also carved out of wood. 

It is precisely this causer who can play with the psyche of a human being and takes advantage of everything and everyone to get to the psyche of the human being in order to steer it in the wrong direction, especially through the control of the media and in this form successfully pursues his goal, and this causer has almost been taken out of the vernacular of the Western world, in that his existence in general and in particular is only laughed at by young people!

Also behind the senseless European war, in which hundreds of young Ukrainians and Russians have to give their lives every day, is indirectly no less than this causer, who again and again wants to subjugate people and especially the church and, if possible, still wants to be worshipped!

Why should one, as a modern superman, really live faith in God if there is no need for concern for one's own life and the life thereafter and no consequences are known without a life with God?

Why do so? 

Answer: Because the devil or all hell is then "not brocken loose" and everyone can see that it has long since ceased to be relevant where who sets which country boundaries, because something new is coming and the worldwide country boundaries have certainly already been set!

Ursula Sabisch


HP: A war does not bring justice for anyone, but on the contrary, those who did not cause the quarrel or war are sacrificed and many women and children have to live or grow up without their husbands or fathers! 

Whit Monday 2022

To the St. Christopher Parish Offices

Parish Office St. Christophorus

Aldegundiskirchplatz 1

Att.  Reverend Bernd de B.  

46446 Emmerich on the Rhine

Luebeck, Whit Monday, 6 June 2022

Let us surprise you!

Dear Priest Bernd de B., Dear Clergy, Dear Readers,

First of all, my person would also like to thank you and your congregation for the festive televised service on Whit Monday to which you, Priest de B. invited us in the words of the subject line above.

Indeed, my person was not really surprised about the scrap iron-cross of the Holy-Spirit Church in Emmerich, but nevertheless shocked and that is because many interpretations about the design of the cross were mentioned by you, Priest de B. but the essential realisation of this or other crosses in churches cannot be recognised or perceived!

Why does no sane person actually ask himself what must have happened to our Lord God and where he will be when such a cross is in front of his eyes?

And why do many children already cope with such a confrontation with such a cross and what is supposed to become of the children, if no one cares about the whereabouts and well-being of our Lord and Creator?

What will be?

In spite of everything, I wish you a happy Whit Monday, which should also give you thought-provoking!