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Cosmetics in Old Age

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck,

To the Customer Service

Laboratoire Dr. Pierre Ricaud

72106 Rottenburg

Customer Number : 029..................../

Letter reference: RT11 / Invoice :No : 211 - Your message from 23.06.2021

The German-language document you may find here!

Luebeck, Sunday, 27.06.2021

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Mrs. M. L.,

Thank you for your message by post.

It is very regrettable that no information was given about the true facts of the returned parcel.

The level of communication, also with regard to the post, thus naturally leaves a lot to be desired.

Unfortunately, my person has been dependent on decorative cosmetics for a very long time, especially because the possibility of a restful sleep has not been given for months due to the housing behaviour of others and, on the contrary, even more strains have been added.

My person, of which I hope you have also been informed, has long since ceased to want to appeal to a man or other persons, but my person is basically interested in still being able to like or to please herself!

Only then will it be possible for me to complete the cultural-journeys successfully.

In addition, the natural ageing process is now taking giant steps, which is not only visually evident in women from the age of 65, too, my eyesight already leaves a lot to be desired.

Should the possibility or the prerequisite for the necessary cultural travels of my person no longer exist, then my person can and will only be able to travel with a mouth guard, which could be possible, since the Greek alphabet today contains 24 letters and we are only experiencing the Delta variant of the CORONA mutation.

Thus, my person would urgently advise to properly and completely carry out or have to let carried out all already established requirements, which some of them specifically also concern your company and can be taken from the Internet!

It is of course a great pity that my decorative cosmetics ordered from you are not at my disposal and that a next order will probably not arrive either, as the mentioned conditions and resolutions also concern the Hanseatic City of Hamburg in particular, which of course will not please anyone!

My person insists on careful and well-planned execution and implementation of every written decision and every condition imposed on the matter, even if it would be the last thing my person would do!

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch


HP: This letter will also have to be published by my person with due respect for the person, as every person, whether active or passive, is involved in the matter and in the commission.