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Sat, 24 Apr 2021 16:11:39 +0200

Ursula Sabisch <>

The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Catholics, Dear Mothers, Dear Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers of the Catholic Women's Community in Germany. e. V.!

It is high time that you and every other woman in the world to familiarize with the "zeitgeist" by asking sensible and constructive questions and looking for the answers!

You and all other women around the world can find many answers to the essential questions of our "end times" of globalization and digitization and, moreover, in our atomic age on my person`s various homepages.

None of that "stupid" theater "Maria 2.0" and the artificial way of life of an emancipated woman!

Please read all of you healthly as fast as possible and please ensure, that the various documents of my person are circulated in a hurry, so that a "normalized" life can also be made possible for our descendants, whereby a woman also optically is allowed to stay as a woman and does not have to impersonate a field marshal!

A dog on a leash and a jumping jack, who must be trained strictly; these are the values and achievements of a woman today, what is also clearly demonstrated by the reflection of a more mature woman!

To get weaving, before you are at a dead end, because if you take a closer look at the cycle of life, you will ultimately come to the result of an endless pandemic chain of all kinds and mutations, since at the end of time obviously it is a matter of the " Oxygen supply "and" cold supply ", which clearly not only affects mankind alone!

So I remain with best regards,

Ursula Sabisch


Version 0.0.2 Maria (


HP: The time and the strength of my person have already been strained, because nobody was and is apparently as dangerous for the diabolical "zeitgeist" as my person, what is sad enough!

For this reason, my person will also have to publish this e-mail on the Internet, so that everyone finally understands what the MATTER is!